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How it began...


為孩子禱告A Prayer for Kids

在2019年一月的一個晚上,我禱告求神祝福很多很多人...青少年、小朋友...雖然已經是很夜,疲累不堪,但是在臨睡覺之前,突然有一個意念進入了我的心,就是要翻譯一些英文書,那些是我已經讀了給兒子聽的兒童百科知識及靈修書籍,但是當時我覺得那是太龐大的工作,覺得很難完成! In Jan 2019, I prayed to the Lord and asked him to bless many many people, especially kids. It was very late at night and I was very sleepy. But then I felt that God told me to tell the kids about fun facts around the world and build their character and faith with Bible knowledge, just like the books I read to my son every night for 10 years (Well, my daughter loves to read by herself...). Wow! That sounds great, even challenging! But I still didn't know how I could speak to lots of kids all at once...

My son and I spend a lot of great time together reading and chatting at his bed.
Daily Story Reading

怎樣做呢? What should I do?


A few days later, while I was praying with my son, an idea came into my mind:

“I pray that thousands of kids and families would be blessed with wisdom from above!”

廣傳的方法 The Way to Spread the Word


I felt that Jesus told me to make voice recordings and send them out online! So I started whatsapping the voice recordings to the Sunday School kids in our church and uploading videos to YouTube. Well, I've been learning, trying and experimenting. I pray that thousands of kids and families would be blessed with wisdom from above!

專為兒童和充滿孩子氣的人而設的網站 Website for Kids and the Child-like


Now after months of exploring and improving, I've built this website hoping that they can reach even more kids! I hope even parents would love to enjoy these videos and audio recordings with their kids. I'm sure it would make a great conversation for quality family time!

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Flora Lim
Flora Lim
18 feb 2020

Thank God!

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